The test to know the characteristics that regulate athletic performance, the improvement of performance, endurance and risk of tendinopathies in basketball players

The analysis of metabolic processes represents a fundamental information to extend the concept of “personalized” medicine to the area of nutrition dedicated to athletes. The Basketball genetic test analyzes genes in DNA and innovative markers to highlight conditions that can influence the best attitude, athletic performance and endurance and the risk of tendinopathies in basketball players.

Thanks to the information provided by this test, it is possible to implement more effective nutritional strategies, under the guidance of the Well Genetics professionals who follow the patient step by step in a personalized path.

Investigated areas:
Predisposition to maintaining the correct ratio between fat mass and lean mass = sensitivity to diet

✔ Predisposition to the use of sugars to produce energy, or for the accumulation as fat = insulin resistance

Predisposition to generate cardio-vascular diseases caused by high blood pressure / hypertension = risk of cardio-vascular diseases

Predisposition for maximum oxygen consumption and lower performance in basketball = athletic ability in Basketball

Predisposition to good reactivity and good muscle performance = improvement of endurance and physical performance in basketball

Predisposition to a greater risk of developing tendinopathies = risk of tendinopathies in the basketball player

Each test is accompanied by the specialist advice and nutritional plans of our doctors and researchers

✔ Results in 30 days

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