The exclusive test dedicated to sport champions

The analysis of metabolic processes represents fundamental information to extend the concept of “personalized” medicine to the area of nutrition dedicated to athletes. The Sports Champion genetic test analyzes a large number of genes in the DNA and innovative markers and is dedicated to the most demanding competitive sportsmen. The test, from the analysis of numerous genetic variants, evaluates, for example, the genetic predisposition to sports of power, endurance, strength and speed, the risk of tendinopathies, osteoporosis and heart disease for the athlete, the mechanisms of energy production and susceptibility to fatigue, in addition to inflammation mechanisms.

Thanks to the information provided by this test, it is possible to implement more effective nutritional strategies, under the guidance of the Well Genetics professionals who follow the patient step by step in a personalized path.

Investigated areas:
Predisposition to maintaining the correct ratio between fat mass and lean mass = sensitivity to diet

Predisposition to the use of sugars to produce energy, or for the accumulation as fat = insulin resistance

Predisposition to generate cardio-vascular diseases caused by high blood pressure / hypertension = risk of cardio-vascular diseases

Predisposition to good reactivity and good muscle performance = sporty performance

Predisposition to greater endurance of fatigue = muscular endurance

Predisposition to suffer more serious muscle injuries and tendinopathies and predisposition to improve recovery times from injuries = predisposition to injuries

Predisposition to greater attitude for resistance training compared to training for muscle hypertrophy = muscular endurance

Predisposition to slimming = predisposition to lower “BMI” body mass index

Predisposition to better muscle blood supply and consequent increase in muscle strength in fight sports = predisposition to strength

Predisposition to early physical fatigue and loss of mental lucidity = tendency to physical and mental fatigue

Predisposition to higher running speed = predisposition to speed

Predisposition to greater muscular endurance compared to explosiveness = endurance in running sports

Predisposition to premature biological aging in running sports = predisposition to premature biological aging

Predisposition to greater muscular endurance under effort in pool = greater endurance in pool swimming

Predisposition to muscle inflammation during long distance activity = attitude for muscle inflammation

Predisposition for maximum oxygen consumption and lower performance in basketball = athletic ability

Predisposition to the greater risk of developing tendinopathies = risk of tendinopathies

Predisposition to maintaining enthusiasm and attention thanks to the production capacity of the serotonin under stress = sensitivity to stress in endurance activities

Predisposition to the accumulation of lactic acid with consequent pain and reduction of muscle contraction = attitude for the accumulation of lactic acid

Check for the presence of genetic lactose intolerance = sensitivity to lactose

Check of the genetic tolerance to gluten and predisposition to celiac disease = sensitivity to gluten and predisposition to celiac disease

Check the impact of histamine and nickel = risk of instant allergies

Predisposition to early rheumatoid arthritis

Predisposition to greater probability of allergic asthma and obesity risk

Predisposition to a greater risk of ankylosing spondylitis = predisposition to damage to the skeleton and back

Predisposition for collagen production and repair of tendon and ligament injuries = repair of injuries

Predisposition to atherosclerosis and pressure changes = predisposition to excessive variations in blood pressure under stress

Predisposition to serious muscle damages

Predisposition to cell growth = recovery times from trauma and injuries

Each test is accompanied by the specialist advice and nutritional plans of our doctors and researchers

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