The exclusive test that combines the information provided by the Metabolic, Sensitivity and Anti-Aging genetic tests

This test is aimed at people who wish to have a global genetic knowledge of the factors that regulate health and well-being. The information of the Metabolic, Sensitivity and Anti-Aging tests is contained within this exclusive test.

Thanks to the completeness of the numerous information provided by this test, it is possible to implement more effective nutritional strategies, under the guidance of the Well Genetics professionals who follow the patient step by step in a personalized path.

Investigated areas:
✔ Predisposition to maintaining the correct ratio between fat mass and lean mass = sensitivity to diet and risk of obesity

Predisposition to the use of sugars for energy production, or for the accumulation as fat = insulin resistance and predisposition to diabetes

✔  Predisposition to generate cardio-vascular diseases caused by high blood pressure / hypertension = risk of cardiovascular disease

Food intolerances

Check of the genetic tolerance to gluten and predisposition to celiac disease = sensitivity to gluten and predisposition to celiac disease

Check for the presence of genetic lactose intolerance = sensitivity to lactose

Check the impact of histamine and nickel = risk of instant allergies

Mechanism of recovery from oxidative stress = increase of free radicals

Risk of osteoporosis and predisposition to skin aging

Predisposition to neurological aging and loss of memory = probability of onset of Alzheimer’s disease

Each test is accompanied by the specialist advice and nutritional plans of our doctors and researchers

✔ Results in 30 days

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