Well Genetics is a company that, by virtue of the most advanced scientific research in the wellness sector, guides the client/athlete in embarking on a lifestyle that respects his genetic predispositions throughout its test and the development of customized projects.

Well Genetics provides the customer/athlete with the opportunity to perform an on-site test to know the genetic predispositions that regulate:

° Changes in basal metabolic rate/food intolerances or sensitivities

° Sports Performance e Sport injury

° Premature cellular aging due to oxidative stress

Also, Well Genetics, through the examination of the  Intestinal Microbiota and Metabolome, allows the client/ athlete to become aware of the stets of intestinal disorders (dysbiosis) that can favor the risk of developing multiple degenerative pathologies.

Well Genetics focus is referred to the “single patient” study of the polymorphisms  (changes of single nucleotides, SNP) of genes whose coding plays a key role in the control of metabolic homeostasis to guarantee physical wellness and enhance your lifestyle and sports performance.

Well Genetics is also specialized in the achievement of specific goals, such as:

  • Get back in shape and rebuild your health
  • Workout program for over ’60
  • Health prevention and anti-aging
  • Well-keto3.0

And about the Female world, Well genetics has destined special care developing specific goals, such as:

  • Cellulite Solution
  • Gluteus Focus
  • Venus circulation and leg wellness.

Well Genetics team of professionals, beginning with an extensive consultation through the use of tests, biomarkers, and accurate measurements, is an expert in the development of 360° paths for the fulfillment of clients’ objectives, guiding them during the whole path.