Why do a DNA genetic test ?

Through their own genetics, each person can learn how their DNA can influence his life in many different ways. Knowing their genetics and genetic potential, it is now possible to reduce risk factors and improve their genes in many ways, including through small changes in lifestyle and food choices.

Knowing your DNA better, you can be able to take steps to improve your health and well-being. Genetic tests offer a number of advantages such as:

Insights on their general health; Get directions on how to become stronger and healthier; Obtain information regarding one’s potential in aging and anti-aging; Get a general and better sense of well-being.

Discover new “hidden” abilities and talents in your DNA, learn how to handle stress and learn how much it affects your health, how your sports activities and workouts adapt to your genotype and how to improve your performance.
Today many people seek help and advice from different specialists such as nutritionists, healers etc., but since we are all different, almost all the advice will be based on the experience and general knowledge that work on an average of all of us. With a true understanding of your genetics, many of these general “beliefs” can now be turned into facts.
We are all unique and we can change our lives with the knowledge we now have at our disposal through personal genetic tests. By investing in any of the Well Genetics DNA tests, you are taking the critical first step in changing your life, and you can do so knowing that the changes will be useful to you.

How to do a DNA test ?

Performing a DNA saliva test is very simple and completely painless.
All Well Genetics test kits have a simple guide where is possible to see all the steps to execute.
Simply follow the steps: you cannot go wrong.
Do not eat, drink, smoke, chew gums or brush your teeth for 30 minutes before performing the saliva test using the samples.
Remember immediately before performing the test with the swab, to gently rinse your mouth with pure water for a few seconds.
Note: it may be impossible to extract the DNA needed for a proper test if: the swabs are contaminated with other material due to improper handling, or if you have eaten, drunk, smoked, chewed gum or brushed your teeth less than 30 minutes before carry out the test.
In this case, Well Genetics can not offer a guarantee on the result of the test or to issue a free further test kit.

Free Delivery

All the DNA test kits are free from shipping and additional costs.
Each kit contains a prepaid voucher for the free return of the DNA tubes following the saliva collection.
We ship all the orders within 48 hours every working day of week.

Privacy and Security

Well Genetics is committed to maintaining the privacy of its customers and ensuring the appropriate use of the informations, preventing unauthorized access to them, according to the current regulations on data protection.