The wide range of DNA tests, developed by our doctors and professors, are designed with the purpose and the motto “Improve your life”.


Well Genetics test enables one to have knowledge of the genetic predispositions that regulate:

° Changes in basal metabolic rate/food intolerances or sensitivities

° Sports Performance e Sport injury

° Premature cellular aging due to oxidative stress

Genetic tests are performed starting from a simple dry buccal swab from which DNA is subsequently extracted in the laboratory and evaluated for the expression and alteration of the genes of interest.

The ultimate goal is to provide the patient with personalized and targeted therapy according to his genetic structure, customized and normalized nutrition based on the results obtained from the tests and highlighted genetic mutations, and normalized training on the mutations found.

The patient will be monitored during the course of the dietotherapy, the training, and the recommended support activities employing the logical and chronological planning of the fundamental interventions until the achievement of the objective established for the well-being of the same, hence building a precise technical-specialistic follow-up.

Well Genetics has developed several exclusive and customized tests according to specific needs.