Genetics dictates our balance. Let’s learn to recognise all its factors.

Well Genetics 360° is a consultation in which we analyze all the factors crucial to achiving the client’s objectives.

It starts with a very extensive anamnesis and the compiling of questionnaires that help understand the client’s current lifestyle, problems, and needs.

Remarkable consideration is given to specific factors, such as:

  • Sleep/recovery management
  • Stress management and emotional state
  • Circadian rhythms
  • Exposure and contact with nature

Subsequently, several tests and evaluations will be carried out, including:

  • Bioimpedance analysis ( BIA) for the assessment of body composition and cellular health (degree of inflammation);
  • Anthropometric measurements and related reports for the biotype definition;
  • Evaluation of the G coefficient for the understanding of the hormonal predisposition;
  • Figurative and morphological analysis for phenotypic and anthropometric biotyping;
  • Postural analysis and joint mobility for the preparation of the most suitable training;
  • Nutritional analysis, to lead to a subsequent consultation and a specific and personalized nutritional plan, that considers the results of our DNA tests and intestinal MICROBIOTA and METABOLOMA.

This information will contribute to generationg a highly customized project-path, drafted and monitored by the Well Genetics team.

Let us guide you in every step towards wellness.

“Food that dialogues with DNA”

Food is able to transmit messages of health or disease to our body.

Well Genetics offers its customers food therapy programs based on innovative, modern and functional methodologies.

Well Genetics nutritional counseling begins with the collection of personal and family history, the subsequent evaluation of anthropometric measurements, and bio-impedance analysis, and on the basis of this and the study of the DNA and intestinal microbiota of the individual client, a plan is formulated completely personalized food and possible supplementation.

This is equivalent to saying that once the physiological and genetic parameters have been studied, the customer is followed in a personalized path in order to achieve the objectives set, guaranteeing the “gold standard” regarding his diet.

Well Genetics professionals, based on the results of the client’s DNA test and the specific objectives that the client wishes to achieve, develop a personalized nutritional plan based on the methodological choices of the nutritionist and the client’s needs.

The enormous advantage of Well Genetics nutritional advice is that it allows food to be interpreted not only in energy-calorie terms, but as a molecular information tool capable of supervising and regulating the metabolic processes of each cell.

The compatibility between the foods we eat and our body is what the latter needs.

Knowing that food is capable of turning some genes on or off, of helping DNA to repair itself, is very motivating and is a great innovation in regards to each person’s food choices.

Precisely for this reason, entrusting your nutrition to Well Genetics consultancy means investing in your psycho-physical well-being and in the possibility of living better.