Cellulite, also known as edematous-fibrosclerotic panniculopathy, is a disorder that affects the subcutaneous adipose tissue (panniculus adipose).

Truly knowing it is not simple since its sources are many (hormonal, alterations of the connective tissue, alterations of the vascular system…), and it becomes crucial studying them in detail by analyzing the various factors involved.

Some factors are:

  • Excessive increase in subcutaneous fat of hormonal derivation, which confers a compressive effect on the micro-vascular structures; estrogen, insulin, cortisol, and more contribute to growing the volume of adipose globules. Compression generates phenomena of stasis and hypoxia, inducing metabolic changes to the adipose tissue = CELLULITE.
  • Psychophysical stress involves overstimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. In a hyperestrogenic subject, this stimulates specific enzymes responsible for degrading the cellular matrix = CELLULITE.
  • Chronic stress can cause damage to cell membranes with consequent leakage of ions and water with an increase in interstitial fluid = CELLULITE.
  • Chronic pressure increases in the venous vessels due to prolonged incorrect posture with consequent capillary-venular permeability can generate CELLULITE regardless of the amount of adipose tissue.

We could continue by listing other sources attributable to the alteration of the gut microbiota, the sedentary lifestyle, the use of certain drugs (such as anti-hypertensive drugs), etc.

A thorough understanding of the sources and the factors will be indispensable to intervene most effectively.

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