Among the most important and neglected muscles in the human body, there is the GLUTEUS.

Many of us are used to considering them only for a short period of the year for purely aesthetic reasons. On the contrary, this muscle is crucial for our posture and the optimal function of the rachis.

A proper gluteus exercise that will also be effective requires a series of important examinations and practices:

  • Perform strength tests on the gluteal muscles to understand the starting level;
  • Check the “voluntary” ability to contract the gluteus;
  • Check that you have a correct activation pattern in hip extension and abduction;
  • Include exercises to improve the gluteus proprioception;
  • Insert exercises appropriate to the morphostructural characteristics.

Let’s not forget that before the gluteus training is advisable to stay less seated, walk more, and climb the stairs more often.

The factors that affect the shape and volume of our gluteus are many: the structure of the pelvis, the acetabular cavity, the postural alterations, localized fat, the gluteus hypotonia, and the orientation and size of the muscle bundles. These factors are all genetic, but based on their genetics, everyone can improve their gluteus aesthetic and their well-being.

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