The era of “post-genomics” has begun

We provide the patient / athlete with the possibility to perform on-site tests to know the genetic predispositions that regulate:

– Alterations of basal metabolism / food intolerance or sensitivity
– Sport Performance and Sport Injury
– Cellular early aging for oxidative stress

In particular, our attention is focused on the “single patient” study of polymorphisms (single nucleotide changes, SNP) of genes whose coding plays a key role in the control of metabolic homeostasis in order to ensure physical well-being and improve its performance. in sports and jobs.

The genetic tests are performed starting from a simple dry buccal swab from which the DNA is extracted in the laboratory and the expression and alteration of the genes of interest are evaluated.

The ultimate goal and scope is to provide the patient: a personalized and targeted therapy based on his genetic structure, a personalized and normalized diet based on the results obtained from the tests and the genetic mutations highlighted, and a normalized training on the mutations found.
Through the logical and chronological planning of the fundamental and optimized interventions, the patient will be followed in the course of dietic therapy, in training and until the achievement of the established goal for him/her well-being, thus building a precise technical-specialist follow-up.